Fremantle Prison - Finest Perth Attractions

If walls could talk, numerous tales will be told concerning the legendary Fremantle Prison. Among Western Australia's most fascinating and premier heritage websites, it has also become a major tourist destination. Get much more details about Things To Do In Western Australia

Some History

Fremantle Prison was built within the 1850s within the early days of European-settled Western Australia. It was the unfortunate destination for many convicts, colonial prisoners, prisoners-of-war and maximum-security detainees. It was also a place of hangings, floggings, prisoner riots, and dramatic escapes. It was closed in 1991 after 136 years of continued use as a place of incarceration. A year later it was opened to the public as a tourist attraction and because then has develop into a striking physical reminder in the harshness of these early days. It really is definitely a spot to be noticed and is also an instance of your grand heritage architecture that Fremantle is popular for.

What to find out

Visitors can take tours inside the 14-acre walled enclosure that is created of thick limestone blocks. Be sure you take among the guided tours any time you take a look at and hear all of the fascinating stories and information. You may actually appreciate the lives in the prisoners any time you see their tiny cells and the open exercising yard. It was an very tough location with very fundamental living conditions.

You can also see the compact room that houses the gallows, which was under no circumstances observed by these sentenced to death because they have been hooded ahead of getting into.

Fremantle Prison is listed around the Australian Heritage Commission's Register on the National Estate. It truly is open each day from 10am to 5pm except on Christmas Day and Very good Friday. Entry for the principal gatehouse, which includes a cafe, present shop, prisoner art gallery and interactive visitor centre is free having said that the tours are not.

The existing tours are:

Doing Time Tour

Terrific Escapes Tour

Tunnels Tour

Torchlight Tour.

Receiving There

You will get there in much less than 30 minutes by train from Perth Central Station to Fremantle Station. When you favor a bus, they depart from various bus stops on St. George's Terrace in Perth and take anyplace from 30 to 45 min to Fremantle. You'll be able to even catch a ferry to Fremantle leaving from the Barrack Street Jetty in Perth. Just after arriving in Fremantle on train, bus or ferry, it is walking distance to the Fremantle Prison. There is also a Fremantle CAT bus that does a circuit around the city free of charge so that's a different way to get to or from the prison. I recommend walking even though as there's lots to see on the way.

Aside from being a tourist spot, Fremantle Prison can also be a favourite among corporate and community groups for their cocktail parties, exhibitions, conferences along with other purposes.