Second Generation Seventh Day Adventist

I was a second generation SDA for the first 36 years of my life. I defended Adventist Doctrines and also the teaching of Ellen G White with all of my religious know-how.

Then a single day I asked my self "why am I SDA"? I all prepared new the answer. The reason I was SDA was due to the fact that may be what I was taught from robust SDA parents given that birth. Back then I was a compliance child and constantly wanted to please and have my parent's approval. Then if that is definitely the case what if my parents exactly where powerful believing Jehovah Witness. Once again becoming a compliance youngster I too would have already been a robust believing Jehovah Witness defending the Watch Tower doctrine and going door to door witnessing to individuals. If my parents have been strong devoted Catholics, I too would have been a powerful devoted Catholic defended the doctrine of your Virgin Mary as a mediator between us and Jesus Christ. Get extra details about seventh day adventist

I understand that we come to God with all of our denominational bias and pre-conceived premises taught to us by our parents, mates, neighbors, watching Tv and the list goes on. If our premise is incorrect then our final conclusions will probably be wrong. What I imply is that absolutely everyone constantly asks God to show and prove to them inside the bible that there religion may be the correct religion and each of the others are generally incorrect. We make an effort to back God into a corner and force him to believe our preconceived biases.

So as an example if you're a Catholic then you definitely ask God to show you in your bible that being Catholic will be the accurate religion or in case you are a Jehovah Witness for instance then you would ask God to show and prove to you that the Bible supports the Watch Tower and there teachings on doctrines. This could apply to all religions just not Christianity.

The bible under no circumstances stated that this religion or that religion will be the truth no matter if you might be Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Protestants, Buddhist, Hindu, New Ager, Oprah Winfrey, my Pastor, Mother, Brother, Sister or who ever could be the truth. God mentioned it Holy Spirit that leads us to all truth plus the Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus Christ who is God as well as the only approach to eternal life and he's our life. This is the reason I feel we've got a great number of distinctive religions.

The only technique to realize Gods Word would be to enable God to teach it to you. Who is better to teach us the truth in regards to the bible than the Author with the Bible Him Self? You must come to God and humble your self and start out in the beginning saying God I am going to overlook what my pastor taught me, what I heard on Television, what my parents taught me, my good friends, neighbors who ever. I am going to trust that you can and can lead me and teach me all of the truth you need me to know and after you want me to know it. That's faith that God is pleases with and we know with out faith it's not possible to please God.

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